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About EELF

EELF is the initiative of different evangelical churches and Christian ministries from across Eastern Europe. Its goal is to spread biblical principles into all spheres of life in our nations. EELF is created for the unity, equipping and providing resources for evangelical leaders.

EELF is a subsidiary event of the European Leadership Forum, which has a solid history and influence in Western European Christianity.

It aims to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Create bridges between different Christian leaders and ministries
  2. Increase professionalism through education, training, and discipleship
  3. Promote programs aimed at evangelizing Eastern European nations and their cultures

After Communism collapsed, Eastern Europe became a spiritual vacuum. The worldview of a typical Eastern European today is a mixture of communism, paganism, and some Christian beliefs. Eastern European nations are in moral decline right now.

The Bible clearly teaches that people's lives depend on their worldview, values, and faith that the society confesses. This demonstrates the tremendous need for the Biblical church to both communicate the Gospel and reflect Christ’s character in society. In this part of the world the words of the Apostle Paul that "the whole creation awaits with hope the coming sons of God" (Rym. 8:19) sound especially relevant.

"the whole creation awaits with hope the coming sons of God" Rym. 8:19

The East European Leadership Forum is not only an annual four-day event. It intends to be a catalyst for a variety of programs and activities throughout the year. It is also aimed to hold various conferences and seminars featuring EELF speakers during the year, as well as to assist in organizing and promotion the projects which are carried out by the participants of the EELF.