Church and Civil Society

Present the reformation vision of the church role in society.

Throughout the centuries Christianity shaped European culture. 10 Commandments determined Europeans understanding of what is good and what is evil. Our civilization is characterized by the value of a person, and human rights are rooted in the Gospel. Prosperity, which the West has reached, has its roots in the Protestant work ethic. The Reformation gave birth to European democracy and parliamentarism. It is impossible to imagine our continent and the world today without Christ. Christianity gave birth to Europe, raised it, and defined its mission in history.

Hasn’t Christianity lost its power to shape nations’ mentalіtet which it had in the past? Can Eastern Europe experience the blessed influence of the Bible in different spheres of life in the XXI century, as it happened in the past centuries in the West?

The task of Church and Civil Society Network

is to find a model of Christian influence on the nations of Eastern Europe today. Release the salt of the churches that they could salt the modern society. Help the nations take their place after decades of communist slavery. All of this is a great goal for the Body of Christ at the beginning of XXI century.

Ток-шоу «Баланс между аполитичностью и заполитизированностью евангельских веруючих» [видео]

В Украине, в отличие от развитых стран, очень много говорят о политике. Но одновременно с высоким уровнем политизации наблюдается низкий уровень общей политической грамотности.


Политика и управление — грязное дело или миссионерское поле? — Павел Унгурян [видео]

Бог благословил меня родиться в христианской семье, закончить школу в небольшом селе и никогда не думал, что у меня будет возможность быть депутатом Верховной Рады.